Tips on how to choose a good quality scented candle

Thanks to the rapid development of the modern chemical industry, paraffin candles have been popularized with its low prices. Modern candle materials are easy to source and make, just like the popular hand-made soap. General speaking, the cost of atmosphere candle is so low that a lot of small workshop can make it easily even at home, will you choose these cheap candle from unlicensed factory? Today I’ll show you some tips how to identify a candle good or bad.

We all know that smoking is harmful to health, and we also pay attention to the air quality index. If we inhale the scented wax made of low-quality essential oil and paraffin wax for a long time, it will be harmful to our health. There are many fragrance and candle manufacturers in China, the quality of raw material is uneven and some factories sell shoddy candles instead of certified products. Consumer is not expert and they can’t distinguish the purity and the quality by naked eyes. Good aromatherapy candles should be made of green, non-polluting, pure essential oil and soy wax or bee-wax.

How do you distinguish plant wax and paraffin wax? The simplest way is to touching them with hands. The melting point of the paraffin is high (not a burning point) and can be up to about 60 degrees. The melting point temperature is the temperature of the melts of candles. So the melting droplets of paraffin wax dropped in your skin, it must be very hot. Even at 40 degrees body can feel hot and uncomfortable, let alone 60 degrees.

Of course, not all atmosphere candle made by paraffin wax is not good, also depends on whether the raw material is highly refined and brand be trust or not, actually the most important fact is the trust of brand. Because we are not experts and we cannot distinguish the raw materials is good or not just from appearance. There are no best ways, we can only choose a trust worthy and well-known brands, and believe that they will not lower the standard for profit. Yankee Candle, for example, was bought last year for $1.75bn by American consumer goods giant Jarden Corp., using highly refined paraffin wax as a raw material for scented candles. Most Yankee scented candles are in Massachusetts, produced by experienced experts through advanced production equipment, is relatively reliable and such a relatively low price.

In other hand, Plant wax scented candles give a long-lasting and even scent through out the time they burn, and they are cleaner burning and longer lasting than paraffin equivalents. If conditions permit, light a candle and watch the smoke it produces. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax, which is no petrol-carbon soot that can blacken walls as well as releasing toxic carcinogens in to the air.

Which wax is better to make fragrant candles? Paraffin Wax VS soy wax

It’s pretty clear that everyone loves scented candles as much as we do, there are something interesting about candles, isn’t there? The mix of attractive appearance, soft light, delicious scent can make any day seem not so bad. In the process of making candles, soy wax, beeswax and paraffin wax are the most popular ingredients in which beeswax and paraffin wax is the most commonly used ones. Do you know the difference?

Paraffin Wax is the traditional choice for candles. Paraffin is a mixture of advanced alkanes extracted from petroleum, shale oil, or other petroleum distillates. There’s a common misconception that paraffin wax candles are bad for health, but they’re actually non-toxic. Fully-refined paraffin wax is totally safe and clean-burning. In fact, paraffin wax produces excellent candles that burn bright and long.

An soybean wax derived from all-natural soybeans, commonly considered an eco-friendly option because soybeans are a renewable resources. Because soy wax is a natural material, the burn is cleaner and has a lower melting point meaning the candle will produce a faster, longer-lasting scent.

Beeswax is a natural air purifier, but must be mixed with palm oil to reduce the melting point. Another option is to use the remaining wax from other candles which most are made of paraffin wax. Here we explore the pro and cons of paraffin wax and soy wax from those items:

1 Energy utilization: unlike paraffin extraction from non-renewable petroleum, soybean is a renewable resource. If possible, opt for a sustainable soy candle brand.

2 Cleanliness: soy wax is biodegradable, so it tends to be easier to wash than paraffin if it is splashed onto a tablecloth or clothing.

3 Burning: Soy candles burn cleaner and more thoroughly than paraffin wax. Many paraffin candles contain synthetic spices and dyes that emit harmful particulate matter when heated. Tasteless soy candles burn longer and do not interfere with the smell or taste of your food.

4 Recycling: Soy wax candles are non-toxic, renewable and recyclable, can be used as massage oils. Scented candles from plants and flowers have always been a favorite.

5 Flavor: Some chemicals released by paraffin candle can cover the aroma of food. Because soy candles burn slowly, they can release soft natural flavor long time, rather than a strong scent of synthetic spices. Compared with paraffin candle, the all-natural soybean candle burned more fully without black smoke and residue. Make air quality in your home better.

6 Costs: Soy candles are more expensive, but they tend to burn for longer. When you consider the burning time, the cost performance of the soy candle often wins out.

These materials can be easily purchased online or by handmade shop. In general, the best choice when choosing scented candles should be soy wax, bee wax, palm wax and paraffin wax. If you aren’t looking to be health, you can always opt for the soy wax made scented candles, as well as bee wax is another potential choice. These are affordable and easy to use.

How to make a homemade Fragrant Candle

How to make a homemade Fragrant Candle ?

When it comes to homemade gifts or room decor, there’s nothing better than personalized DIY fragrant candles that can deliver an all-new look to your room or your partner. If you fancy getting crafty, here’s our beginner’s guide to making aromatherapy candles.

Above all, you need to prepare these materials and tools: beeswax, candle wick, glue, aromatic essential oil, candle flask, thermometer, small sticks, metal cans.

1.Make wax-base. Buy some beeswax online and cut them into small pieces to make it easier to melt. Place the wax fragments into a small flask and place in a container filled with water. Just like forming a double melting device and heat the water to. It’s better to use a special container so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up.

how to diy homemade Fragrant Candle

2.Preparing your containers .Cleaning the container is the first step, then glue the candle wick to the bottom of the container. The remaining wick is wrapped around the stick, and then it is supported by two cups as shown in the picture. Place a piece of wax paper under the prepared container and place it on a heat resistant board (such as cutting board).

How to make a homemade Scented Candle by yourself

3.Pouring your wax. When the candle is melted, pour into the prepared container carefully without burn yourself. As well as don’t overfill, leaving a little space on top makes it look better. Finally, cool the candle thoroughly, then cut off the excess wick and use it when necessary.

DIY homemade Fragrance Candle

Of course, in first step of melting the wax oil ,you can add a little oil essential and dried flowers, so there are light faint scent when the candle was lit, You can decide the size, color and shape of candles according to your own preferences. Is it simple? Move up and do one!

What’s the benefit of scented candles ?

The candle was originally produced to light the room. The invention of electricity turned the candle into a tool for increasing life interest and improving taste, not limited in lighting. In general, the scented candles containing essential oils, dry flower and soy-wax. aromatherapy can not only remove the odor, resistant some diseases ,while accelerate the metabolism of the body, promote living cells regeneration, improve the body immunity, and adjusting human body’s nervous system, endocrine system and excretory system, etc. So, to figure out the effect of scented candles, you need to know what these oils do.

1.Create romance
Dim light can easily make people lose their resistance, so scented candles are used by lovers or couples to create romance. The room may not smell good, but it must not stink. Long-term closed room has a particular smell which the people living in it will not detect but only others smell, at the time lighting a candle, and there is a light faint scent to make each other more relaxed, when adding a little light music at this time is much better. A good background music not only makes the atmosphere not awkward, but also helps the relationship to heat up.

2.Remove the odor

Wet laundry, pet odors, stinky shoes, and your everyday household odors,scents spray might not be enough to conquer them. Flickering candles are a great way to add a little extra warmth and atmosphere to your living room or dining room, so think about the space and what you want to achieve before you pick out the scents that will work best. No one won’t to be accosted by a smell, beeswax or soy-wax candles give off a lasting fragrance and the method you choose to scent your home matters as much as the particular smell.

3.Improve sleeping

Another well-researched benefit is scents role in aiding and improving sleeping. If turning off at night is a challenge, look for a fragrance that incorporates lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood, all of which promote sleep and relaxation. Some scents such as clary sage, geranium and thyme, help to balance out estrogen and progesterone levels in your body, which can improve sleeping appetite and immune ability. Snuff them out when you’ve had enough, or even leave them unlit.

4.Cancel fatigue and anxiety

Some relaxing smells have stimulating effects and can actually increase oxygen to your brain, which will leave you feeling refreshed, focused and energized, can be useful in improving the symptoms of insomnia. This is due to their calming and sedative effects. The scents of lavender can be useful for people going through tough exercises or situations. While scents like peppermint can improve sustained attention over a longer period of time.

If you are looking for a cost effective, fashionable and great quality scented candles for your room, is the great choice.

2 Types of Fragrant Candles – Find the right scents for your room

Similar to perfume,fragrant candles has so many types of scents in the market today. Common flavors include rose, lavender, grapefruit, basil, sweet orange, citrus and so on. Each fragrances have some different functions, for example,the scents such as chocolate and blueberries which have a sweet taste that helps to eliminate the blues.the scents such as jasmine, rose can eliminate the unhappiness in the heart, accelerate blood circulation. As for lavender, tea tree and cypress trees help healing, which can calm the body and mind, as well as resists bacterium. Some other great scents include grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus and rosemary. Consider the different varieties of scents and how you can use them around the home. Here we will list some of the most common scents of aromatherapy candles.


Traditionally, rose has been known to fight depression and uplifts mood, can pacify the emotion, relieve the tension, and also resistant inflammatory, bile, diuresis and hemostasis. It is very useful in terms of hair care, skin care, mouth care, anxiety, mental disorders, depression for women. Rose is the most common fragrance of scented candles.


Lavender essential oil can be calming, sleep-inducing, analgesic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. This scent is beneficial for the treatment of issues with the nervous system and immune system health. It can be used to treat colds, coughs and bronchitis, and is also effective in preventing mosquito bites.


It is commonly used in the treatment of pain relief, as a way to induce numbness, protect against sepsis, reduce milk flow and discharge, relax spasm, strengthen gums, stop hair loss, and lifts skin. Also, it induces firmness in muscles, stops hemorrhaging, removes gas, is good for brain and memory health, promotes bile discharge, clears congestion and eases breathing.


Revitalizing red blood cells, strengthening the immune system and fighting infectious diseases are the most characteristic effects of lemons. A fresh scent helps to refresh and keep your mind clear.


It is often used to reduce pain, fight depression, protect wounds from becoming septic, enhance libido and promote sexual arousal. It also kills bacteria, and is good for brain. In Europe, it is used to treat headaches and migraines.


Eucalyptus is a natural cold cure and can prevent rhinitis, while being good for the brain and memory. Furthermore, it increases blood & lymph circulation, cures nervous disorders, and induces sleep.


Chamomile is often used to inhibit bacterial, microbial, and viral infections,promoting absorption of nutrients, speeding up the healing rate of scars and after marks. It can calm the body and mind, comfort the frightened and the baby. It is very suitable for pregnant women and infants.


Traditionally, it has been known to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, eliminate body odor, clear bowels, soothe inflammations and nervous afflictions, while restoring uterine health. In the Middle East and North Africa, frankincense is a loved taste of all religion.

So before you even start lighting a candle in your room, take time to reflect on the things you enjoy. The best smelling you choose depends on your needs. What have you smelled in the past and loved? What memories resonate with particular aromas? Known those, that’s simple for your choose.