How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser ?

Nobody likes the artificial fragrances. Actually, many essential oil soap can be a little scented diffuser for a hit of natural aromatherapy at home. No one can refuse the lovely diffuser produce the smelling itself such as the essential oil soup which works best in a small space like an office or single bedroom. Before you begin, it is important to have both a recipe and necessary to ingredients. What’s you need are:

Material: 300 grams soy wax, essential oil, dried flowers, rope, metal buckle.

Tools: stainless steel basin, measuring cup, mold, thermometer.

  1. Heat the soy wax and pour it into the mold. When heating bean wax, Water-jacket heatingor direct heating is best. Keep stirring in one direction, clockwise or counterclockwise until the pot temperature of 70 ° – 100.

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser 2

  1. Add a few drops of essential oil.100g bean wax and 5ml essential oil is a right blend. Excessive addition of essential oil will increase the weight of wax flakes. Remember to mix the soy wax and essential oil thoroughly. Geranium, lavender, orange blossom, rosemary, vanilla and other essential oils are all good choices.

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser 3

  1. Pour the mixtureinto the 2/3 height of mold. Abeautiful wax sheet won’t be thick, that depends on not only the visual observation, but also the experience. When the wax has not set, it’s time to add the dried flower. Be careful not to spread too much. Dried flowers do not have to be immersed in wax, exposing a bit of dew is better.
  2. Dryfor 2 to 4 hoursand remove the mold. Remember don’t remove too early. Then press the metal buckle into the front and back holes. Finally, tied the prepared rope into the holes, then a beautiful scented soup diffuser was born. you can hang in the car, bag, or even in the bedroom, of course, it can also be placed in the locker room replacing the traditional camphor ball against bacteria, mould proof and moth-proofing.

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser 4

The fragrant scent of the essential oil soap diffuser can last a year or so. In some special occasions, you don’t know what to choose for gift. This is a fun way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy on a limited basis. Isn’t that easy? Come with me to design different compositions and shapes!

3 kinds of top rated aromatherapy diffuser that requires power

Aromatherapy diffusers are typically simple devices that are only good for providing a pleasant scent. Want to learn more about aromatherapy diffuser and some diffuser blend which need electricity? In this article, we selected the top-rated electric aromatherapy diffuser in the market according to many reviews online. Here we will also provide good advice to help you select the right aroma diffuser model to suit your needs.

  1. Humidifier diffusers

Humidifiers are designed to increase the moisture of a room. When add essential oils to your humidifier, it will be humidifier diffusers. Humidifier diffusers release scented steam into the air by breaking water molecule. These devices are especially good if you live in a dry climate and could benefit from a bit of extra moisture in the air.

Humidifier diffuser

Humidifier diffusers are widely available in many sizes, shapes and price ranges. They use mist to spread the essential oil particles so they can add some humidity to a room but no where near as much as a humidifier. However, mixing your oils with water will dilute them, and lack of atomization means larger particles of oils. If possible, it’s your best to buy a humidifier and a diffuser if you want to increase the moisture and aroma.

  1. Heating diffusers

There is a essential oil diffuser that doesn’t use water at all, that’s heating diffusers, which spray the essential oil particles directly into the air. Heating diffusers are less expensive to purchase than humidifier diffusers and is quiet to run, provides a pleasant scent without any noise. These particles are not as easily absorbed by your system, and they do not linger in the air as long.

Heating diffuser

Furthermore, extended use will eventually lead to a grimy buildup on surfaces surrounding the machine. The device itself will also need frequent cleaning. If your goal is just to create an aromatherapy environment, a heating aroma diffuser may be a good choice for you.

  1. Ultrasonic diffuser

You can say that it’s a perfect combination of humidifier and ultrasonic diffuser, which uses ultrasonic waves and water to disperse essential oils into the air and also increase humidity to the air. This type of diffuser and humidifier works by sending electronic frequencies and vibrations through water to create a vapor that contains essential oils. Ultrasonic technology combined with aromatherapy provides a spa-like environment and diffuses oils in a heat and chemical-free manner. Therefor, the most utilized type of diffuser for essential oils today is an ultrasonic diffuser.

Ultrasonic diffuser

Remember to use different oils in your diffuser. If you are using inferior oil, by spreading by the electric diffuser it will make the make the oil molecule break down faster and smaller. Therefor, It’s best to avoid cheap or garbage oils that are diluted down with other chemicals and ingredients.

Which kind of essential oil diffuser is suitable for home ?

Essential oil diffusing allows you to enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils in a safe and beneficial method for your entire family. Everyone knows scented candles, that must be a essential household goods. There are a few different kinds of essential oil diffusing for home except candles. Here are some tips based on our research and personal experience, hoping to give you our best guides.

Reed diffuser

This type of diffuser is made using a small container filled with essential oil. Reeds or other porous sticks are placed in the oil to draw it up so that it can evaporate into the air. This is a subtle and especially effective way of dispersing essential oils. Reed oil diffuser is handy for small spaces especially bedroom.

Heating Diffusers

A few drops of oil are applied to a pad on the device which uses no water at all. When the diffuser is turned on, the pad is warmed, and the oil evaporates, scenting the surrounding air. Some examples include ceramic rings intended to be used with light bulbs or candles. There are also electric devices intended to heat the oil on its own or mixed with water to produce scented steam.

Evaporative Diffuser

This is an easy method of diffusing oil is easy to move and requires no power source. A ceramic or glass device that looks like a candelabra is an updated version of scented candles. It involves simply placing drops of essential oil on a porous surface and allowing them to evaporate naturally. Pour two thirds of the water over the top of the lid and drop in 1 to 4 drops of essential oil, light the candle, and place it in the furnace below. The combination of flickering candlelight and fragrances creates a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Ultrasonic diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers allow you to distribute the tiniest components of an essential oil into the air through fast vibrations. Ultrasonic diffusers provide a cool mist humidifier with a quality essential oil diffuser and it has an intermittent flow that helps to diffuse for a longer period of time. Some styles have a night light feature that can also be turned off.

Ventilating Diffusers

Ventilating Diffusers make air moving quickly to speed up the volatilization to achieve the purpose of spreading the fragrance. It use a small fan to evaporate and disperse particles of aroma essential oil are quite cheap and do not damage the chemical composition of the oil. but it consumes too much oils and can only be used in summer. For a very small space (e.g. your bedroom), this might be a nice idea.

The essential oil diffusing described above has its advantages and disadvantages, you should select according to its application and your space. For example, candles are suitable for creating romance; The reed diffuser is suitable for the home porch; The most advanced kind of diffuser is ultrasonic diffuser, a modern and high-tech device. If you are a smart home fanatic, it’s your dish. Your experience might vary, but I hope to give you a starting point to explore diffusing safely.

What are the major concerns when using essential oil aroma diffuser ?

An essential oil diffuser is a simple device that can fill a room with beautiful smells. Essential oil diffusing allows you to enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils in a safe and beneficial method for your entire family. The study of essential oils is interesting and valuable. The quality and effectiveness of your aromatherapy is in direct proportion with the quality of your essential oils and your method of dispersion.

Then comes the questions, How to use them correctly? What are its major concerns when you are using essential oil aroma diffuser? If you are new to diffusing and are wondering how to use an essential oil diffuser, read on.

  1. Is it clear in the limitation and dosage ?

Some people suffer from environmentally-related chronic illness. Among these maladies are chronic pain, respiratory illness, asthma, allergies, and even depression. Currently, aroma essential oils are used in the field such as health care, beauty and household, but the limitation and dosage of each essential oil is not clear.

  1. Did it consider the special crowd ?

Some illustrations of the essential oil diffuser is vague, there are not clear content for the elderly, respiratory system disease, physique frail, menstruation or pregnant women, skin allergies and other special groups. At the same time variety of essential oils are used in the mix, what are the taboos? How to maximize the effect? There is no clear regulation too.

  1. Are there chemical additives added ?

Pure essential oil is extracted from plants without any chemical additives, preservatives, flavors, artificial colors. But it is very difficult to avoid fake and shoddy products, some of which call themselves pure natural plant essential oil, also unavoidable adulteration. For example, when you mix olive oil in essential oils and watch from the outside, you can find stratification. Close to the mouth of the bottle may smell a pungent chemical.

  1. Did you choose the right essential oil diffuser ?

There are too many different kinds of essential oil diffusers. Which kinds to choose that depends where you are using and how much you are looking to spend? If you won’t spend lots of money on it, maybe the essential oil paper board and soup good for you. For larger spaces, ultrasonic diffusers are especially good if you live in a dry climate and could benefit from a bit of extra moisture in the air.

Essential oil aroma diffuser are convenient to take in the car, home or even at work and help evaporate the oil more quickly in order to intensify the aroma they release into the air. There’s no fore, no soot, no hot wax or synthetic fragrance – just perfect! When you know about the benefits of these oils, you can enrich your life and save yourself a great deal of money in terms of over-the-counter and prescription treatments.

How to use aromatherapy reed diffuser properly ?

Reed diffuser, referred as “cane aromatherapy” or “no-fire aroma wick”, is an environmental friendly air refresher. This diffuser is made using a small container filled with essential oil. Reeds or other porous sticks are placed in the oil to draw it up so that it can evaporate into the air. This type of diffuser is a subtle and effective way of dispersing essential oils. Some people think that if you stick a reed in the container and put it on the table, that will work. In fact, knowing that is not enough. Here are some tips on how to use a reed diffuser correctly and how to maximize its function?

  1. Purchase quality essential oils. Skip any oil brands that include “fragrance oil”, “perfume oil”, or “mineral oil”. Also, Essential oils should come in small, dark bottles. Be wary of any that come in clear bottles since exposure to sunlight can damage the oil. Finally, avoid bottle that come with a rubber dropper. Some oils can degrade the dropper, leading the rubber contaminate the oil.


  1. Selecting flavor that make your nose comfort. Most popular scents include lavender, peppermint, pine, spruce, and grapefruit. You can also try pre-made or custom blends to discover more nuanced scents. The flavor such as combination of lavender and frankincense make a sweet, soothing fragrance to help you relax or go to sleep and even to help you feel romantic.


  1. When the essential oil has been chosen, begin by using a few drops of essential oil in the bottle until you have a better sense of how much oil you need. Then dip one end of the reed into the bottle, it will absorb enough essential oil after few minutes, then put the other end into the bottle and place it where you want to.


  1. Follow the operating instructions that come with your diffuser. There are something noteworthy. The essential oil is flammable and need to be kept away from open fire. The oil should avoid direct intake of the body or eyes, otherwise you should seek medical attention if the contact is unwell. In addition, place it in a safe place where children can’t reach.


  1. Regular cleaning the container and replacing the reed sticks. Keeping a clean diffuser will result in more effective scent diffusion and will help keep your device working for the long haul. It is best to replace the reed 2 to 3 months. Generally speaking, a bottle of 30ml of essential oil can last about one month, so a reed diffuser can be used for 3 to 5 months. You can choose the number of reeds according to the space of room. In the small place (such as bathroom), 1~3 canes can meet your needs; but for large space (such as the sitting room), 4~5 pieces is enough. However, that depends on the concentration of yourfavorite


For scenting the air and making it more comfortable and pleasant to breathe, a reed diffuser is a nice and cheap choice. Select and use reed diffuser is not difficult as you think. If you have found a brand you trust, stick with them.

which kinds of aroma diffuser is appropriate for your home?

Home is a place for shelter and storing your precious things. Sweet aroma diffuser not only brings unique taste to each home, it is the display of the character and style of master.There are numerous types and styles of aroma diffuser available in markets. Then how to select a proper aroma diffuser for your home,that’s a question. In last article,we discussed which aroma diffuser is best for home, today I will introduce how to choose aroma diffuser for home, if you If you happen to be looking for your aroma diffuser, keep reading.

The first step is to understand what scents you like. Human’s scent preferences are based on a huge number of subconscious factors that they don’t necessarily even realise. The right scent has the power to conjure memories, alter your mood and calm your mind. Start by identifying the fragrance families you enjoy most. But in the bathroom, because it’s a small room with potentially poor ventilation, consider using a light scent, so that it’s not overpowering.

Secondly, Finding out which aroma diffuser proper for your space. Flickering candles are a great way to add a little extra warmth and atmosphere to your living room or dining room. As for bathroom, the smelling such as mint, citrus, ginger, lemongrass and grapefruit have the effect of removing odors. A reed diffuser is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh scent and can be used as a decorative touch in your front hallway.

Thirdly, considering the factors of season and moon, matching the scent to the season is a good idea. For example, light, fresh and citrus scents are perfect for spring and summer, while spicy and green scents emanate a festive feel during winter. You can use scents to calm or revitalise your sense of self, create a romantic atmosphere or reinforce a relaxed mood. For example, lemongrass is invigorating, while jasmine is perfect for stress relief. Many candles and room fragrances are labelled not just by scent but by effect, so it’s worth considering what kind of mood you want to create with your fragrance choices as well.

Lastly, the costs is must be take into consideration. If you’re a novice who doesn’t want to spend too much money and time on aroma diffuser, try an air freshener or some cheaper candles, such as an IKEA’s candles, which are a must-have for beginners. If you’re willing to pay more time and money, try some luxury brands such as JO MALONG or L’OCCITANE. If you’re a lazy man, a reed diffuser is a good choice. the maintenance is another problem, of course, all things need to be protected, and the reed diffuser is basically no need for maintenance except for the occasional dust-removal.

Good air quality is an important factor to ensure efficient work and comfortable life. So think about the space and what you want to achieve before you pick out the scents that will work best.

How to keep the scented candles properly ?

In the bedroom and lounge room, the scented candles are necessary things. Complex scents help people to wind down. Fresh scents are perfect for the kitchen and room, where as sweet fragrances are needed to fill such large spaces. Do you know how to keep scented candles at home properly?

Unopened scented candles and opened candles are indistinguishable in the shelf life, they can be used normally within two years, just like regular perfume. In an another words, scented candles do not have a shelf life, but they can’t be stored long. It’s best to use the product while the fragrance is fresh or within the first 24 months of purchase. If you would like to store them for later, do so in a cool, dark place (just like wine). If stored correctly, most scented candles will last about two years.

Sweet scented candle is very sensitive to light and temperature, in order to avoid the unused candle to change color and melt, the best preservation temperature should not exceed 27 degrees. Avoid placing candles near open windows, doors, ceiling fans, curtains, air conditioners or anywhere the candle will be near an air current. Drafts can cause rapid and uneven burns and can cause lightweight materials to blow into the flame where they could catch fire. And it’s better to cover when putting out, otherwise it’s easy to get gray, and the bigger problem is that lose the smell easily. If you have no a cover and don’t want to buy it alone, keep the packaging.

Do you want scented candle last long? Remember that when lit it for the first time, you should make sure that the surface layer of wax candles completely melted to form a flat pool and then go out. Because the candle is a memory, if not according to the above method to burn for the first time, next time the wax candle will remember the place where last time burning will not to be burnt in subsegment level but Vertical downward, forming an ugly hole for long time. Therefore, as long as the first time to burn the full wax pool, no matter how the burn is smooth and beautiful.

Re-centering wicks is the best way to maintain a burning candle. The wicks should be trimmed to about 7mm from the wax. A candle wick requires trimming between burns or if the candle has been burning continuously for two or more hours.

In addition, keep scented candles out of reach of children. If there is black residue on the glass of your candle jar, dampen a piece of paper towel and wipe clean.

It’s important to follow all of the burning instructions and take care when burning a candle. You should never pick up a burning candle or one that has just been a light as the glass gets very hot. There are also many calming effects of candlelight and the soft flicker of a flame is perfect when you enjoying a moment of silence.

Candles add warmth and atmosphere and come in dozens of shapes and sizes, perfect for any space. Choose high quality candles that will burn evenly and not break or leak over your furniture.