Shenzhen YLFY Auto Parts Co.,Ltd,which founded in 2005, is a comprehensive modernized professional factory that integrates with development, design, production and sales of car perfume. Who, is the expert that advocate healthy automobile fragrance fern, is synonymous with “mobile space fragrance”. We have always been the pursuit of fashion, romantic, the idea of freedom and professional R & D of car perfume and other products.

Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to the development of modern automobile perfume, and have many years of experience in perfume extraction, design and so on. We innovated ideas constantly and have developed a sires of new products. Our products are derived from the romantic, famous brand of France, blend in advanced auto fashion luxury style to perfume design, our factory absorb the domestic production of the perfume manufacturing experience, continuously improve the product refining process, make the products from design to manufacturing process all maintain a high level, especially the classic car perfume series of pure natural products, be called the Chanel of car perfume.

We advocate fresh, elegant fragrance, mainly sweet orange, lemon, sea and other multiple flavors. Our perfume bottle body is dominated by crystal glass, make the whole products simple, vogue, French light luxury. Her fashionable tone, rich pure fragrance, bright crystal, noble decoration and other fashionable elements, make each product clever and make the car be a “oxygen bar”. When people stare at perfume, they will be intoxicated with her spirit and dignity. Let the user really feel that it is not only perfume, but also escape from the urban noise of the original desire.

We sincerely would like to cooperate with worldwide car perfume and car parts dealer, importer and distributor on mutual benefits.