How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser ?

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser

Nobody likes the artificial fragrances. Actually, many essential oil soap can be a little scented diffuser for a hit of natural aromatherapy at home. No one can refuse the lovely diffuser produce the smelling itself such as the essential oil soup which works best in a small space like an office or single bedroom. Before you begin, it is important to have both a recipe and necessary to ingredients. What’s you need are:

Material: 300 grams soy wax, essential oil, dried flowers, rope, metal buckle.

Tools: stainless steel basin, measuring cup, mold, thermometer.

  1. Heat the soy wax and pour it into the mold. When heating bean wax, Water-jacket heatingor direct heating is best. Keep stirring in one direction, clockwise or counterclockwise until the pot temperature of 70 ° – 100.

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser 2

  1. Add a few drops of essential oil.100g bean wax and 5ml essential oil is a right blend. Excessive addition of essential oil will increase the weight of wax flakes. Remember to mix the soy wax and essential oil thoroughly. Geranium, lavender, orange blossom, rosemary, vanilla and other essential oils are all good choices.

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser 3

  1. Pour the mixtureinto the 2/3 height of mold. Abeautiful wax sheet won’t be thick, that depends on not only the visual observation, but also the experience. When the wax has not set, it’s time to add the dried flower. Be careful not to spread too much. Dried flowers do not have to be immersed in wax, exposing a bit of dew is better.
  2. Dryfor 2 to 4 hoursand remove the mold. Remember don’t remove too early. Then press the metal buckle into the front and back holes. Finally, tied the prepared rope into the holes, then a beautiful scented soup diffuser was born. you can hang in the car, bag, or even in the bedroom, of course, it can also be placed in the locker room replacing the traditional camphor ball against bacteria, mould proof and moth-proofing.

How can I DIY A homemade essential oil soap diffuser 4

The fragrant scent of the essential oil soap diffuser can last a year or so. In some special occasions, you don’t know what to choose for gift. This is a fun way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy on a limited basis. Isn’t that easy? Come with me to design different compositions and shapes!

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